Losing Weight While Pregnant: How I Did It

21 Oct

There are many women out there that are wanting to have nice healthy babies but at the same time don’t want to gain any of the ugly fat that most women put on when they get pregnant. Most women worry that if they try to go on any exercise or diet regimen then they will increase the risks of losing their baby. You may be even more worried about putting on weight if you’re already overweight prior to being pregnant, and so may be wondering if it is safe to lose weight while pregnant.
Well the simple answer to this question is yes you can lose weight while pregnant but only if you go about it in the right way. You should make sure that you keep in regular contact with you doctor to keep an eye on both your health and that of the babies. Don’t be worried about weight gain and definitely don’t let it occupy your thoughts all the time. Also make sure to tell your doctor of your plans so that they can give you advise that is personal for you. If you go on any kind of lose weight fast program not only can you cause damage to your unborn baby but you could also be causing serious risk to yourself.
Once you have got the green light from your doctor that its safe for your to workout then you can properly address how the issue of losing weight fast while you are pregnant. One of the simplest and safest ways you can safely lose weight while pregnant is to begin a weekly routine. There should be not stress involved and the plan should be as simple as possible to follow.
A great example of a simple workout plan that you can use for losing weight after pregnancy is to walk on a treadmill, any kind of even flat surface will do or even on a slight incline if you feel up to it. You can walk for about 45 minutes to an hour, but make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard. You can do this four or fives days out of the week and while doing so you should keep an eye on your core temperature, as you don’t want it getting too high.Your internal core temperature shouldn’t exceed 101 degrees F. Just because you are hot and sweating doesn’t necessarily mean that you body temperature has risen too much.
Along with this simple gentle walking you can include a simple and light workout using light weights to keep yourself toned and keep your strength up. These little strength training workouts should be done on those days that you aren’t walking. You can alternate between upper and lower body as you see fit.
Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t freak out if you put on a little weight while you’re pregnant as this is perfectly normal and something that’s supposed to happen! Some women are completely freaked out not wanting to get pregnant because they fear they will get huge. You definitely don’t want to be obsessing over weight loss while you’re pregnant as you are going to cause unnecessary stress which is going to be no good for the health of your baby.
So keeping fit and lean while you’re pregnant is quite simple and easy and something that shouldn’t obsess over too much. Just eat right and exercise now and again and you will find your figure will stay trim throughout the pregnancy.

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