10 Herbs to Enlarge your Breasts Naturally

31 Oct

There are many women out there who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. Unfortunately, having a procedure done to enhance the size of your breasts can be extremely costly. Now there are many different herbal supplements you can take to help enlarge the size of your breasts.

1. Wild yam:

This herb can be ingested either as the herb product or in a supplement form. It has many carbohydrates to create the feeling of “full” in the stomach. Not only does this product contain component essences to increase milk production, it also enhances the size of your breasts.

2. Fennel:

This is a great herb that has multiple health benefits. It can help with any digestion problems, promote metabolism, and can enhance the size of your breasts and the milk production. This herb is ideal for mothers who have just given birth to a baby. It is easy to consume and can give great results. You can find it in the pill form, the extract form or even the original herb form.

This herb actually is used primarily to manufacture medical and therapeutic items. This is a great herb to take if you are breast feeding because it will help with cholesterol at a very young age.

4.Dong Quai:

This herb can be considered heaven for a lot of women. It is used to help relieve the pains during your menstrual cycle and to help regulate it. This is somewhat compared to the effects of birth control without the prevention of pregnancy. This herb will enlarge the size of your breasts and can sometimes make them feel a little sensitive.


This herb is generally used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Scientists have found that one of the main ingredients in this herb is the main human estrogen. This means when you take this herb for other purposes, you might find yourself with larger breasts because of the estrogen within it.


This is a supplement meant for the sole purpose of breast enlargement. This is considered to be one of the best methods of breast enlargement aside from any surgical procedures. It works by stimulating the mammary glands to make the breasts larger. This product has many great reviews because it does not cause any weight gain in the other areas of the body.


This is an herbal product that uses complex phytoestrogens to increase the size of your breasts. Some people have said your breasts will grow more with this supplement than they do with puberty or your menstrual cycle. It has been said that this product will increase your breast size by up to 150%.


This natural herbal product will not only increase your breast size. It can also increase your sex drive as well. This supplement has been shown to work faster than some of the other supplements on the market.

9.Quick curves:

This is another supplement that is created from natural herbal ingredients. The main goal of this supplement is to have your mammary glands reactivated. Once this gland has been activated again, it will start to develop more breast tissue and increase the size of your breasts.

10.    Brestrogen:

This is one of the newer herbal supplements on the market. Even though it is new, it has still been tested and reviewed as a working product. This supplement has been proven to increase your breasts by a whole cup size at least.

The best way to increase your breast size without going under the knife is with these herbal supplements. They are organic and natural and have been proven to work in a positive aspect.

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